Transform The Look of Your Escalators and Travelators

Using a range of specialised and purpose built equipment, the Clean Escalators team will transform the look of your escalators and travelators.

Historically, you could only achieve similar results by removing the steps and transporting them off-site for cleaning.

We can achieve the same, if not better results – without having to remove any of the steps, with less downtime, and at a fraction of the cost.

Our cleaning equipment and machinery is recommended by all travelator and escalator manufacturers. Clean Escalators maintains your equipment in excellent condition and helps to reduce maintenance costs whilst also extending the life your valuable capital investment.

The Challenge of Cleaning Step Uprights

Dull, grimy aluminium steps detract from the otherwise high standards of cleanliness throughout many facilities, and can negatively affect the image of your facility.

When you stand in front of an upward escalator – typically the first thing you see are the step uprights, and often these appear to be dirty and tarnished. The cleaning of escalator step uprights is a problem that receives little attention, due mainly to the fact that previously there was really no effective means of cleaning those areas.

The use of wire brushes to clean the steps runs the risk of wearing away the aluminium and depositing filings and dirt into the gears and chains of the equipment.

Attempts to clean by hand have proved time consuming and laborious, while expert dismantling to allow for specialist cleaning takes an escalator out of action for several days, and is an expensive and inconvenient solution.

Using our specialised escalator and travelator cleaning machines, Clean Escalators will:

  • transform your old treads and risers.
  • stop them from looking grey, dirty and tarnished.
  • restore them to their original bright and highly polished appearance.

This process takes hours, not days, and can be completed out of hours, causing no disruption to the normal usage.

Just one or two applications per year can enable you to achieve and maintain a level of cleanliness on your escalators in keeping with the image your facility should project.

Contact Us today to discuss your cleaning needs. We will visit your site, explain our processes and provide you with an obligation free quote.