Our Commitment to Safety

The health and safety of our employees, your employees and your customers is our highest priority.

Each task we undertake has had a risk assessment performed prior to implementation and a Standard Operating Procedure formulated and our teams are trained in these procedures.

Our OH&S Manual is a working document, in which we not only educate our staff in job safety and procedures, but our staff are actively involved in our programs and their ideas are incorporated into our manuals to further enhance the safety of our worksites.

Site Training

All our staff are trained before entering our client’s premises. Once on your site they are trained on site-specific issues.

Included in the onsite training are key items such as :

  • Emergency evacuation and checkpoints.
  • Site specific cleaning duties and sequence of duties.
  • Site Risk Assessment.
  • Site Risk Controls.
  • The ability to identify potential hazards.
  • Any documentation associated with your premises such as defect reporting.
  • How to complete and where to leave reports.
  • Identifying the primary point of contact for different situations.
  • Specific manual handling issues.

Our aim is for everyone to think about and prioritise their safety and the safety of others, to always act safely and ultimately to return home safely.

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