Why Choose Us

There simply isn’t a better way to clean your escalators and travelators, and to ultimately prolong the life of your valuable assets.

  • A clean escalator or travelator is safer than a dirty one.
  • We completely clean your escalators out of hours, with no disruption to trade or customers.
  • It only takes a few hours, not days (as it once used to).
  • We use purpose built, world-class escalator cleaning machines.
  • The equipment cleans both the steps AND the risers.
  • Removes all dirt and debris during the process.
  • Our machines are fitted with powerful vacuums to ensure oil, dirt and grime does not find its way into the gears and bearings of the escalators or travelators.
  • We use a citrus based surface cleaner that is environmentally friendly and leaves the surface with a deep lustre.
  • Regular maintenance is far most cost effective than replacement.
A clean escalator is a safer escalator for everyone

Clients and Manufacturers

David Jones
Queensland Rail
Ipswich Riverlink Shopping Centre
Mt Ommaney Centre
Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art