Specialists in Escalator and Travelator Cleaning

Clean Escalators specialise in the cleaning of escalators and travelators.

The Clean Escalators team identified the need for a professional, cost effective solution to the cleaning of escalators and travelators without having to remove the steps and take them off-site for cleaning. This traditional way of cleaning escalators and travelators was expensive, time consuming, and meant this critical asset out of action whilst the cleaning was being done offsite.

Our Operations Team has been involved in the contract cleaning industry for over 10 years and we service a wide variety of sites throughout Queensland and Northern New South Wales. These include major discount department stores and supermarkets, resorts, retail outlets, high-rise offices and industrial and major public area facilities.

Clean Escalators Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of Total Focus Cleaning Pty Ltd and is one of the Top 5 Cleaning Service suppliers to Woolworths Australia.

Our operation offers a quality, convenient service that is unmatched in the industry :

  • We do not require the dismantling of the escalator or travelator.
  • We operate out of trading hours 7 days per week.
  • Our operation is price competitive.

Our cleaning equipment and machinery is recommended by all travelator and escalator manufacturers. Clean Escalators maintains your equipment in excellent condition and helps to reduce maintenance costs whilst also extending the life your valuable capital investment.

World’s Best Machinery

We have made a significant investment in purpose built, world-class machinery. Our equipment is specifically designed to produce the best results whilst doing no harm to what is a significant investment to any facility.

After extensive research on equipment designed for the task we settled on the Rotofast and Rotomac machines, making a significant investment in the world’s best machinery.

Our reasoning is based on the following advantages;

  • Our machines DO NO HARM to the people moving equipment.
  • There is NO aggressive brushing.
  • There is NO scouring with dry ice.
  • There are NO caustic chemicals.
  • NO dirt is left behind to foul the mechanism.

Our Team

We have access to over 250 employees in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. All our staff are employed on their experience and our strict selection standards are enforced prior to being selected to ensure we have the best team available. We only employ people who can legally work in Australia. Our company demands the highest standard of ethics, integrity, customer service and safety from our employees.

Commitment to the Environment 

Our escalator cleaning service utilises a unique vacuum recovery system tank that captures our biodegradable cleaning solution, as well as the grease, oil and dirt that is released from the steps and risers.

The vacuum recovery system also allows us to dispose of the hazardous waste properly, in adherence to EPA guidelines.

Our machines do no harm to the environment.

  • We use environmentally friendly, organically based cleaning agents.
  • We recover 95% of the liquid we use.
  • Our machines are quiet and give off no fumes.

Contact Us today to discuss your cleaning needs. We will visit your site, explain our processes and provide you with an obligation free quote.